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Members Corner

Below are resources and trainings made available to Santa Barbara County Republican Party volunteers. 



GOP Data Center    |    Tutorial Videos     |     QR Codes     |     Precinct Strategy

GOP Data Center

Access CAGOP Data Center

To access CAGOP Data Center, you must submit a form on the CAGOP Data Center website. 

For the organization questions, fill your form out like the sample shown. Upon completion of your form, you will receive login credentials for CAGOP Data Center within 24 hours.

After you have submitted your form on the CAGOP Data Center website, return to this page and click “I Submitted my Form” to continue.

While you wait, check out introductory video tutorials to learn how to use CAGOP Data Center to lookup/verify voters, create target voter universes and more.
If you do not receive your name and password for CAGOP Data Center, send email to

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Tutorial Videos

Tutorial Videos
Using the Sidekick Phone Bank in App

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QR Codes

QR Codes

If you are a volunteer representing SBCRP at an event, be sure to leverage QR codes to help people find information on our website.



Scan code to Donate Local. Click the QR Code to download


Register to Vote

Scan code to Register to Vote. Click the QR Code to download


The Wave

Scan code to Subscribe to the Wave. Click the QR Code to download

qr code sbcrp site.png

Scan code to go to SBCRP.ORG site. Click the QR Code to download

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The Precinct Strategy

It starts with YOU and your neighbors.

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