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Our Mission

Santa Barbara County Republican Party seeks to elect Republican candidates who support Individual Freedoms, Limited Government, Family Values, The right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Our Vision

Santa Barbara County Republicans seek to engage citizens who support our vision of:

  • Individual Freedoms

  • Limited Efficient Government

  • Family Values

  • Respect Property Rights

  • Quality Education

  • The right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness


What We Do

Run Supervisorial Caucuses

Registered Republicans vote every four years on the Primary ballot to elect the members of the County Central Committee. These are broken down by Supervisorial Districts.

Recruit and Endorse Candidates

We endorse candidates at the highest levels of the election cycle such as President, U.S. Senate, and Governor.

We recruit candidates for every open elected position on the ballot. These include candidates for Congress, County Supervisor, State Senate, and State Assembly Districts. We recruit for the local open elected seats like City Council, School Boards and Water Board seats which appear on the November ballot.


Encourage Common Sense, Liberty-Minded Citizens to Run for Office

We want to see strong conservatives run for public office. We offer support in the following ways: Training, Application of Data, Volunteers, Messaging and where possible Financial Support.

Assist Santa Barbara County Republican Candidates

Candidates run their own campaigns, but we help Republican candidates get elected primarily through the grassroots efforts of volunteers. We remain active throughout the year, informing our constituency, supporting our candidates, and working with our elected officials to ensure our values are promoted at all levels of government.

Education and Classes

Constitution: Classes are free and open to the public and are offered though our Freedom & Justice Center offices facilitated by trained community coaches.

Speakers and Writers Work Shops: Educates conservatives how to better express their points of view.

Campaign Training: Neighbors for Liberty Teams, Precinct Captains, Phone Banking, Voter Registration, Ballot Harvesting and Social Media Messaging.

Candidate Training: Messaging, Media Appearances, Op-ed’s, Fundraising.

Never Stop

Our work is never done. Whether it is a General Election year or an “off-year” when nonpartisan races are held, we remain involved and promote conservative policies.


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