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Welcome to the Freedom &
Justice Learning Centers

The Santa Barbara County Republican Party has two new branch offices called “Freedom & Justice Center” to accommodate classes, training and election materials/support for ongoing campaigns.

The Santa Barbara County Republican Party is excited to have an ongoing office facility in the cities of Santa MariaSanta Barbara and Lompoc to be operated through the elections of 2024 (and beyond with continued funding from our wonderful community).

We invite the public to come and see the new office facility and to get involved with our local Republican Party. 

Santa Barbara Center
55 S. La Cumbre Rd., Suite 4
Contact: Barbara Batastini, Office Mgr. | 805.895.5545

Santa Maria Center
200 E. Fesler St., Suite 204
Contact: Debi Cloud, Office Mgr. | 805.478.2219

Lompoc Center
601 East Ocean Ave., #14
Contact: Regina Miakinkoff, Office Mgr. | 916.834.9416

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